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After logging in you will land on this home page. From this page you have several searching options. If you click “SEARCH” while leaving the search field empty it will produce all cases for your company.

Managing your account
Paying invoices via credit card

Adding New Cases
Seeing Invoice
Seeing Affidavit
Seeing Scanned Doc's

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You may also use the drop down menu and select a search criteria, name, case number etc

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Once you have chosen your search protocol you will come to a screen such as this one below. This screen shows the basic case information. Click on “Detail” to get more details about this case.


This screen shows all jobs on this case. From here you can view more details such as attempt info and pictures by clicking on “More”  under the job number field.

You may also view the invoice by clicking on the invoice icon  to the right of the screen or the affidavit by clicking on the scanned documents below.


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             More Info

               Affidavit and or scanned documents

                  After clicking on “More” you will find this page where you will see attempts and notes entered by the server.

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There are a few ways to pay your invoices via credit / debit card.
You can always call our office and provide the information over the phone if this works better for you or choos one of the following methods.

Method 1
go to our clients page. and to the right of the screen you will see the PayPal interface. Just enter your invoice number(s) and click "Pay Now".

Pay Invoices

If you have multiple invoices to pay, you may want to choose method 2

1. Log in to your account on our website and from the home screen you will want to click "My Account"

My Account

Selecting "My Account" will land you here.

My Account Page

2. By clicking on Open Invoices on the right it will shows all open invoices for your firm.

Select the Invoices to Pay
3. Select the invoices you wish to pay and click "Pay Selected Invoices".

Submit your payment
after submitting you will be redirected and your payment is finished.                                                    

Account Management

Once you are logged in to your account click on "My Account" to the right. and then click "Manage Profile"
My Account

Manage Profile
From this screen you will be able to
    change username and password
    add or edit attorney / secretary info
    change your address /phone /email etc.
edit Info



You can also add a new case from your account management area. Most of you are used to using our other interface for uploading cases, you can use whichever one you want.

New Case

After clicking on Send New Case, just start entering the info of the case. In the court field if you enter the County name or part of the Court heading it will give you a list of applicable  Courts as seen below
After entering the case info, submit the case and we will do the rest. As always if you need help please feel free to call.